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What’s New on Site

Robert M. Cutler

In addition to the continually updated blog, the following items of enduring interest (journal articles, book chapters, etc.) have recently been added to the website.

What’s New

Book chapter  Recent Developments in the Structuration of the Central Asian Hydrocarbon Energy Complex

Updated July 2010  Academic-style (exhaustive) curriculum vitae (PDF, 398KB)

Updated March 2010  Consulting résumé as Energy Security Specialist (PDF, 186KB)

Book chapter  U.S. Interests and Cooperative Security in Abkhazia and Karabakh: Engagement versus Commitment?

English original of article in press, in Russian translation, in Клио (St. Petersburg)  Bakunin and the Psychobiographers: The Anarchist as Mythical and Historical Object

Article in Oil, Gas & Energy Law  Recent Developments in Cooperative Energy Security

Article in Études internationales  Les mutations soviétiques: Analyses et politiques occidentales

Article in Euro-Atlantic Forum  Housing the Orphans of European Security: How to Bring Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova in from the Cold

Book chapter  Gorbachev as CEO Roadkill: Lessons for the Modern Corporation from the Soviet Foreign Policy Establishment’s Failure to Manage Complexity

Book chapter  De-authoritarization in Uzbekistan?: Analysis and Prospects

Article in Canadian Slavonic Studies  A Rediscovered Source on Bakunin in 1861: The Diary of F.P. Koe

Book chapter  International Relations Theory and Soviet Conduct toward the Multilateral Global-Economic Organizations: GATT, IMF and the World Bank

Article in International Studies Quarterly  The Political Economy of East–South Military Transfers

Book chapter  The View From the Urals: West European Integration in Soviet Perspective and Policy

Book chapter  The Sources of Kazakhstani Conduct

Article in International Affairs (London)  Harmonizing EEC–CMEA Relations: Never the Twain Shall Meet?

Index of materials on Conflict and Security

Article in European Security  The European Parliament and the European Union Security and Defence Policy

Article in Perpsectives on Global Development and Technology  A Transnational Policy for Conflict Reduction and Prevention in the South Caucasus

Review article in Central Asian Survey  Policy Options for Resolving Post-Soviet Ethnic Conflicts

Review article in Problems of Communism  Economic Issues in East–South Relations

Article in Oil, Gas, and Energy Law  Current Problems of Global Energy Security: In Light of the Caspian Sea Region’s Recent Experience (PDF, 140Kb)

Pre-print of article in Oil, Gas, and Energy Law (Speech at NGO Conference at U.N. Headquarters)  The New Concept of Cooperative Energy Security: A Focus for Synthesizing Environmental and Energy Agendas through Local Participation under Sustainable Development (PDF, 166Kb)

Introduction to Cooperative Energy Security

Pre-print of article in Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences  The Paradox of Intentional Emergent Coherence: Organization and Decision in a Complex World

Article in Studia Diplomatica  The OSCE’s Parliamentary Diplomacy in Central Asia and the South Caucasus in Comparative Perspective (PDF, 163Kb)

Pre-print of article in Perspectives on Global Development and Technology  U.S.–Russian Strategic Relations and the Structuration of Central Asia (PDF, 191Kb)

Article in Cosmos: Hellenic Yearbook of International Relations  Bringing the National Interest Back In: Lessons for Neorealism from the Former Soviet Area

“Introduction” to The Basic Bakunin anthology

Preliminary full-text mark-up  Central Asia and the West since September 11

Indexes of materials on Complexity Science, Comparative Politics

Article in Journal of International Affairs  The Caspian Energy Conundrum

Article in Review of International Affairs  Turkey and the Geopolitics of Turkmenistan's Natural Gas

Refereed book chapter  The Emergence of International Parliamentary Institutions

Article in InterJournal  The Complex Evolution of International Orders and the Current International Transition

Refereed book chapter  [The Russian Empire,] The Soviet Union and World Order

Article in Soviet Studies  The Soviet Union in the 1974 Cyprus Conflict

Article in International Organization  East–South Relations at UNCTAD

Article in World Politics  The Formation of Soviet Foreign Policy

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