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The Sources of Kazakhstani Conduct

Robert M. Cutler

Kazakhstan’s foreign policy is shaped by geographical and demographic circumstances, by patterns of communication, transport and human settlement. The economy of the western region is based mainly on oil, that of the southern mainly on agriculture, and that of the northern and central mainly on extractive industry with some agriculture. The western region of Kazakhstan brings out, in Weberian terms, the ‘charismatic’ component of Nazarbaev’s authority; the southern region, the authoritarian component; and the north- central region, the bureaucratic component. The north-central region is the most complex because it represents the combination of two distinct overlapping sub-regions. The multiplicity of domestic geo-cultural bases for Kazakhstani foreign conduct provides an explanation of its multifarious foreign policies since independence. These policies are explicated in their relation to the social and cultural history in each of the three identified regions of the country.

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  1. The Periodization of Kazakhstan's Early Foreign Policy
  2. Geography and Demography: Essential Sources of Kazakhstani Foreign Policy
  3. Kazakhstani Foreign Policy since the End of 1995
  4. Conclusion
  5. Notes
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