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Items on Comparative Politics and Comparative Political Studies

See also dozens of items on domestic political and economic reform and on ethnic and religious issues from the blog
(including some shorter consulting products).

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

[See also Situation Reports/Consulting Products.]

The Paradox of Intentional Emergent Coherence: Organization and Decision in a Complex World
Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 91, no 4 (Winter 2006): 9–27.
De-authoritarization in Uzbekistan?: Analysis and Prospects
Pages 120–141 in Towards Social Stability and Democratic Governance in Central Eurasia: Challenges to Regional Security, edited by Irina Morozova, NATO Science Series 49 (Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2005).
The Sources and Regions of Crisis in the Caucasus
Pages 105–126 in Examination of the Regions of Crisis from the Perspectives of Turkey, NATO and the European Union, and Their Impacts on the Security of Turkey, edited by N.Reşun Ödün (Ankara: Turkish General Staff Printing House, 2004).
     Turkish translation: In 
PDF [PDF, 192Kb] Kafkasya’daki Kriz Kaynakları ve Bölgeleri, pages 105–126 in N. Reşat Ödün (ed.), Türkiye, Nato ve Avrupa Birliği Perspektifinden Kriz Bölgelerinin İncelenmesi ve Türkiye’nin Güvenliğine Etkileri (Ankara: Genelkurmay Basim Evi, 2004).
Transnational Policies for Conflict Reduction and Prevention in the South Caucasus
Perspectives on Global Development and Technology 2, nos. 3–4 (December 2003): 615–633. Reprinted at pages 301–319 in Central Eurasia in Global Politics: Conflict, Security, and Development, edited by Mehdi P. Amineh and Hank Houweling (Boston–Leiden: Brill, 2004).
The Sources of Kazakhstani Foreign Conduct
Pages 63–76 in Populations, Cultures and Diplomacy, edited by Michael Gervers and Wayne Schlepp, Toronto Studies in Central and Inner Asia no. 5 (Toronto: University of Toronto, Joint Centre for Asia and Pacific Studies, 2001).
Gorbachev as CEO Roadkill: Lessons for the Modern Corporation for the Soviet Foreign Policy Establishment's Failure to Manage Complexity
Pages 352–370 in Managing Complexity in Organizations: A View in Many Directions, edited by Michael R. Lissack and Hugh P. Gunz (New York: Quorum, 1999).
Les mutations soviétiques: Analyses et politiques occidentales
Études internationales 21, no. 1 (March 1990): 153–164.
Domestic and Foreign Influences on Policy Making: The Soviet Union in the 1974 Cyprus Conflict
Soviet Studies 37, no. 1 (January 1985): 60–89.
The Formation of Soviet Foreign Policy: Organizational and Cognitive Perspectives
World Politics 34, no. 3 (April 1982): 418–436.
Soviet Dissent under Khrushchev: An Analytical Study
Comparative Politics 13, no. 1 (October 1980): 15–35.

Situation Reports and Consulting Products

[See also Journal Articles/Book Chapters.]

Can Soviet Society Live with Democracy?
Sunday Los Angeles Times, 1 February 1987, Part V (Opinion Section), pp. 2, 6.
What the [1985 Reagan-Gorbachev] Geneva Summit Was About
Prepared remarks delivered to a Luncheon of the University Affiliates, a voluntary community association in support of the University of California at Santa Barbara, 21 January 1986.

Dr. Robert M. Cutlerwebsiteemail ] was educated at MIT and The University of Michigan, where he earned a Ph.D. in Political Science, and has specialized and consulted in the international affairs of Europe, Russia, and Eurasia since the late 1970s. He has held research and teaching positions at major universities in the United States, Canada, France, Switzerland, and Russia, and contributed to leading policy reviews and academic journals as well as the print and electronic mass media in three languages.

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